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For made to measure items the measurements needed are shown below, please refer to the images if you are not sure which areas to measure.  These measurements need to be sent to me when purchasing your item along with colour choice and any other requirements.


A – Neck – Just above where the collar would go - Please ensure this measurement can fit over the head. If in doubt, measure the neck and then measure from the top of the head and around the jaw, then let me know both measurements


B – Length – From Base of Tail to Base of Neck (just above shoulders) to enable the coat to go over the back end,should you wish it to, be sure to add  little extra onto the measurement, usually measuring about an inch – inch and a half onto the tail will do.


C – From Neck, under chest to their tummy, past their rib cage (for boys, measure an inch or so away from their 'bits', girls can be further back, infront of their hind leg)


D – Width of Chest (Front of Dog) – from front of shoulder across to the front of the other shoulder (not around to shoulder)


E - Depth of Chest – All the way around the deepest part of the chest


F – Around their waist - usually behind their last rib or a bit further back for girls

Please ensure you measure your dog correctly, if you don’t, it could be very difficult to adjust the coat once made, although I will make adjustments free of charge, there is only so much I can do if the measurements have not been taken properly.  If you have any queries, please ask!

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