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I like to help with dog charities and a very important one to me is Weimaraner Rescue.  So many of these wonderful dogs end up in the wrong homes and become unwanted.  Weimaraner rescue and rehoming, ran by the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain in particular, do amazing work ensuring re-homed Weimaraners find the right forever home.  They do this by home checking each potential home as well assessing each dog to know what family it can be rehomed to.  Take a look at the Rescue Information on the WCGB Website HERE


Another charity I like to support is the K9 Search Dogs.  These are search dogs that get called out to find lost dogs in and around Cornwall.  The search team are excellent trained Blood Hounds. Take a look at their website HERE














To help towards rescue charities I donate dogtogz coats to various rescue organisations for raffle / auction events.  Or I sponsor classes at Companion / Exemption Fun Dog Shows.

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