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If there is something in particlar you would like made for your dog I am always happy to draw something out and make for you.  Below are a few bespoke requests I have had in the past.  Please contact me if you have an idea in mind.

hector in his coat

Hector's Coat

Sadly Hector is no longer with us but he was given the best life by his owner, Cindy and he will be sorely missed.  Here is his story..


Hector was a 13 year old Weimaraner who had some very large lumps on his chest which was effecting the way he moved around on walks and also distressed his owner as he could knock them and they would bleed.  


Hector’s owner, Cindy asked me to make Hector a coat that would protect his lumps and also carry the weight of one particularly large lump.  Other than his lumps, Hector was pretty mobile for his age so it meant a lot to Cindy for him to enjoy his walks without the worry of his lumps getting knocked.


Hector didn’t need the length of the coat so it was shortened.  The under belly was elasticated which would keep the larger lumps in the coat preventing them from swinging about and getting scratched.


With his coat, Hector was able to have happy walks and to wander around in the bushes without damaging his lumps and worrying Cindy!  I am so pleased I was able to help Hector enjoy his walks before he sadly passed away.  


hector in his coat 3



Bronte had to have quite a nasty operation which she left her with quite a large wound.  Her owner Marie, asked me to make her a t-shirt type coat which would keep her scar covered from her licking it and that she could wear when she went out for some fresh air.  


I made the coat in the same style as my under belly coats but the fabric was a light weigh cotton.  Marie was very happy with it and so was Bronte!  


We called it her post operative gown!

Myrtle and her Union Jack


Myrtle lives in Holland but her owner loves anything with Union Jacks on.  Myrtle's breeder, Claire, asked me to make Myrtle a Union Jack towel coat for her to wear in Holland.  


This is Myrtle styling her british new coat, her owner was very happy with it!

Slovakian Luger

Luger is a Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer and to make him look the part his owners wanted a fleece coat made as the Slovkian flag.  They supplied me with the badges to attach and I made him his flag.

Luger in slovak flag

 bespoke, made to measure

Dogtogz Design

Cherry, Italy towel coat

Italian Spinone, Cherry

Cherry's owner requested an Italian flag towel coat for Cherry for her take on her trip to Italy.  Style is a basic towel coat with the flag colours joined and velcro fastening at the front and snap clip underneath